REMEMBER an AIDS memorial retrospective

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As a legally blind photographer I have overcome many obstacles and challenges in order to create and exhibit my work. One of my most profound challenges came in 2008 while I was completing my Master of Fine Arts studies at California State University, I went to the hospital with what I thought was a burst appendix. I was informed by my surgeon several days later that I had a very rare form of abdominal cancer, Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. I was told by my surgeon and several oncologists I had about one year to live.

My sister Julia, referred me to a psychic medium, Mariah. Mariah told me I would survive my cancer. She indicated I needed to be in and around nature as much as possible. My Partner Terry, guide dog Ambrose and I began traveling through California, Oregon, Washington state and the island of Maui. The resulting photographs of my travels and experiences became a solo exhibition "Seasons in a Prayer Garden," at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, California. The 2010 exhibition garnered me the Arts Orange County Outstanding Artist Achievement Award

For me these portraits of nature are transformational. Each photograph represents a visual prayer towards healing and wellness. It has been over 10 years since I was diagnosed with this rare disease and I have survived. Hundreds of people have seen the work and have been inspired. In 2012 I was featured in an exclusive interview on CNN discussing my work and advocacy. The Prayer Garden photographs have appeared in many exhibitions and galleries and continue to touch the hearts and minds of those who view them.

Please enjoy your tour through my gallery and I hope you too will experience the healing energies of these mesmerizing portraits of nature. For those of you who wish to purchase any of these stunning pieces, please email me at to inquire about print sizes and pricing.