Hearts of a Silent Age

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As a person living with AIDS, I face the prospect of a greatly reduced life span. Because of this, I became fascinated with the concept of longevity and the process of aging.
I began photographing senior citizens, capturing the lines on faces of lives long lived. I was privileged to work with fascinating individuals, who shared their life histories layered
with a multiplicity of experience and emotion. As this body of work evolved, I became interested in imagery that envisioned a metaphysical super-realism, seeking to represent
that which resembles, or in essence copies, the idea of the inner being, and projecting it onto the outer shell, the physical body. These images become a transmogrification—
false on the level of perception, true on the level of time. They are a temporal hallucination, so to speak—a mad image, chafed by reality representing the body and the psyche
as something that is dissolving and fragmented. By amplifying and at the same time passing beyond the corporeality of the individual represented I render the topography of time,
perceiving what is dead, and what is going to die.

The Hearts of a Silent Age portraits have appeared in numerous exhibitions – most notably; Sight Unseen at the California Museum of Photography and Time Lines at the Huntington Beach Art Center. Images from this gallery have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine and the New York Times Lens Blog. I hope you have enjoyed your tour through the “Hearts of a Silent Age” gallery. If you are interested in acquiring this work for your permanent collection or would like to exhibit the work, please contact me at: kurt@kurtweston.com. I also have a beautifully printed catalogue of this work. You may inquire about purchasing a signed limited-edition copy at the same email address.